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Marketing that really works
Exterior Wraps

The vehicle’s unique design & the possibilities for custom exterior advertising, cause people to turn, point & say WOW! Options include: Full vehicle, individual panels, and top mounted, lighted.

Mobile App Banners

The easiest way to grab a QWIK RIDE is through our mobile app. This is the place to spread the word and bring new customers through your door.

In Vehicle Video Displays

Select markets, only. Display your TV commercial or still advertisement to QWIK RIDE’s captive audience.

Promotional Giveaways

Allow us to distribute your branded items - koozies, sunglasses, menus, event tickets - the sky is the limit!

Raise Brand Awareness

Garner valuable impressions from riders, observers, and through giveaways. Cars are seen millions of times in each location. Generate earned media by way of tweets, posts, pictures, and press. Each route is structured so cars stay concentrated in highly trafficked areas.

Improve Branding Perception & Brand Loyalty

Natural association between the brand & environmental awareness. QWIK RIDE’S word-of mouth advertising is created by the experience, free giveaways, & the brand the made this possible.

Capture New Customers

Engaging the consumer – as a opposed to interrupting – appeals to the right half of the brain and leaves a more lasting impression. 83% of adults cited past experience with a brand as the most important factor in their purchase decisions.*
*According to a study by Brainscience.

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